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Busfor - applications for the bus ticket sales service


Busfor is an online ticket sales service that allows you to purchase tickets for domestic and international travel. It works in Ukraine, Europe, and South-East Asia


The main task was to provide customers with a mobile application for iOS and Android for buying tickets, moving away from using a mobile browser as fast as possible.


The development of a native mobile application is high-quality and stable and also provides the best user experience for users. The business could not delay in the rapidly growing market of mobile apps, so it was necessary to offer its mobile service as soon as possible.

Since the client had a high-quality adapted version of the site, our team decided to use it in future applications, combining it with native technologies.


Initially, Busfor had a working site with an adaptive layout that supported mobile phones. In mobile apps we decided to use WebView technology — it allowed us to develop and publish mobile apps in the AppStore and Play Market in the short term. In addition to the site shell, we implemented authorization via phone number and sending notifications to the app. For example, a confirmation of payment for a ticket or a reminder of an upcoming travel.

The app communicated with the site using JavascriptInterface, calling functions by their exact name. The development schedule consisted of 2 weeks. The first week was for the development of the app (the volume of work was small). The second week was for final testing, release, and support with active monitoring during the first days after the release.

This approach made it possible to quickly develop and publish mobile apps to the AppStore and Play Market, giving users a better experience than they could get with Cordova or Ionic.


Busfor successfully entered the mobile market of bus ticket distribution. Now, the service brings together more than 5 thousand carriers on 20 thousand routes across Ukraine and Europe.


  • Artur Mkrtychian
    Artur Mkrtychian

    Project Manager

  • Maksym


  • Anton

    Android Developer

  • Sergei

    iOS Developer

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