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Our technical knowledge and a strong commitment to our customers' products have ensured exceptional quality for almost 14 years. We are proud to guide our clients in the development process and help them optimize strategy and Flutter solutions. Partnering with our team, you can quickly hire dedicated Flutter developer, as well as improve and scale up your business

Process of Hiring Dedicated Flutter Developers

Set the goals
We start with analyzing your product requirements to catch a single vision and define an effective strategy. Meanwhile, we agree on the structure and technology stack that best suits your Flutter solution in this process
Find an efficient team
We start the interview with the analysis of hard skills and move on to assessing soft skills and checking the level of English proficiency. The results we offer are the best CVs that we believe deserve your attention
Help it deliver
Once we have approved the ideal candidates, we onboard your team members and provide a well-equipped workplace

Technologies That We Use

Flutter technology stack

  • Flutter SDK
  • Dart
  • BLoC
  • SQfLite
  • build_runner
  • freezed
  • Dio
  • json_serializable

Development tools

  • Android studio
  • Firebase
  • Git

Our Services

Flutter App Upgrade Services

Flutter Native App Development

Flutter UI/UX Development

Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

Flutter Custom App Development

Flutter Migration Services

Flutter Maintenance and Support Service

Flutter for IoT

Hiring Models

Full time


Minimum Hours
Per Month
Part time


Minimum Hours
Per Month
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Reviews about Stfalcon Dedicated Flutter Developers from Our Clients


Vet appointment booking app
Stfalcon delivered a polished product in the Vet industry that is highly rated on the App Store and Google Play. Users appreciate the app’s intuitive interface and convenient functionalities.
Ehsan Fadakar
CEO, Online Veterinary Service
Read the full case study in our portfolio


An app for a food truck management
While the development is ongoing, the app has exceeded the expectations of the internal team. Stfalcon establishes an organized model of managing projects to ensure both teams are on the same page. The team goes above and beyond to deliver quality results.
Anya Taggart
COO, Food Teck, LLC/Balabing
Read the full case study in our portfolio


A catalog of books with links to retailers
We were deeply impressed with the quality of the work at each stage. Stfalcon performed admirably, even during high-pressure situations throughout their engagement
JD Lasica
Chief Experience Officer
Read the full case study in our portfolio

Industries We Transform

Real Estate

Our Clients Around the World

Why You Should Choose Stfalcon to Hire Dedicated Flutter Developer?

Seasoned Flutter developer hire

With 14 years of experience in the IT market, we’ve got a lot of talented Flutter developers for hire who work on varied projects and always provide quality solutions.

The transparent and fast development process

We provide that your Flutter project is hassle-free and timely by involving the owner and skilled CTO in the development process.

The customized approach in 324+ successful completed projects

Our Flutter team not only solves technical problems but also introspect the customer's product and becomes part of it.

Start small, scale fast!

With Stfalcon, you can easily hire dedicated Flutter developers. Our dedicated Flutter development team fulfills a full-cycle development from the discovery phase to support, ranging from small to showing how we work.

Stfalcon Facts In Figures


finished projects



14+ yrs

on the market


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How much does it cost to hire a Dedicated Flutter Developer?

The app will cost from $24K. Cost depends on the design complexity, third-party services integrated, and more.


What is flutter programming?

Flutter is Google's free of charge and open-source UI framework for creating native apps. Flutter Programming allows developers to create apps simple and fast with a single codebase.


What are the benefits of hiring a Dedicated Flutter Developers from Stfalcon?

We are 14 years on the IT market. We involve our skilled experts, owner and CTO in the development process. We have executed more than 324 projects of varying difficulty, for example, we worked with the German largest passenger transportation company “MeinFernbus” (now Flixbus).


How long post-launch support and maintenance do you cover?

It depends on the contract. In some cases, the guarantee of post-launch support and maintenance is 1 month after the release.

Our Experts


Artem, Backend Dev

14 years of experience

Andriy, Frontend Dev

6 years of experience

Oleksandr, СТО

10 years of experience

Oleksandr, Flutter Dev

7 years of experience

Vadym, Designer

9 years of experience
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  • 50K
  • 100K
  • 150K
  • 200K