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Airfarm — Farmers for Farmers

— Information is the main resource for modern farmers. They seek to find the best information on how to find to sow, fertilize, control weeds, etc.. From now these information are even easier accessible and always at the hand with a new app — AirFarm.

There are in general plenty of agricultural spheres where internet technologies are used such as:

  • field monitoring;
  • management and optimization;
  • water usage;
  • IOT for various devices;
  • etc.

Our client-defined informational support and community formation to be most valuable.

Airfarm has now been able to win the first investors in a seed financing round. The company raised $ 2.8 million from donors in the United States, among others.


We had a business interview with our customer and found out the essence of the project, the potential user segments, the profit each segment would gain from a certain part of the app functionality. Besides, we discussed the project plan and the expectations the client had from us as a dedicated development team.

To describe the project in more detail we used job stories since such an approach perfectly fits long-term development projects and allows us to consider various possible ways of realization.

We prepared a clickable design mockup of the interface.

Stfalcon was a part of the clients team and provided development support in:

  • UX design services;
  • UI design services;
  • Backend, Frontend, iOS, and Android development services;
  • manual testing.


The application provides the users with the opportunity to look through materials chosen according to the users’ preferences in a convenient way.

The users can leave comments on articles, follow authors and their channels.

The data is stored in the frontend, so they can be used offline as well, which is extremely convenient for the farmers.

— It’s always exciting to work out the product from scratch, especially when you need to create an architecture, which will allow adding lots of new functions and services on.
Mykola Anikieienko



The backend was developed from scratch on NodeJs Express. We have thought through all the aspects of business logic and further project growth perspectives. To maintain the high data transmission rate, fault tolerance and scalability of the project were created on a microservice architecture. Ingress is being used as a load balancer to provide fast request coordination to various microservices.

Every microservice is designed for a particular task according to the pattern of Controller-Repository-Model. The general code: helper features and basic classes are realized in separate npm packages, which are operated by us through Lerna. Bull queue controls that all the articles are published on time.


We used all the innovative opportunities of MongoDb, to provide the content to the users even faster: simple and compound indices, well-optimized aggregations and flexible databases.

For this project, we used the lightweight framework VueJs with the associated plugins for the set tasks realization. The meta-framework NuxtJs, based on VueJs and NodeJs, was used as well. We realized a universal application with the help of it. The initial web-page rendering is realized on the server, it decreases the page loading time and positively influences its SEO.

Stfalcon developed a publisher functionality and mobile app for a professional agro network. They’re highly motivated and provide technical and business insights.
Hubertus Mai
Founder & CEO


Starting with the idea, we supported to develop an iOS and Android mobile application for viewing articles, a WEB application for publishing articles and administering the system, as well as a landing page for attracting traffic.


  • Mykola Anikieienko
    Mykola Anikieienko


  • Petro

    Frontend developer

  • Denys Kryvov
    Denys Kryvov

    Project Manager

  • Oleksandr

    Android Developer

  • Yevhen


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