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TaskRunner - online platform for ordering services

Development2019–till now

John often saw his father turn to his neighbor for some help. He wondered why the other neighbors could not help in solving problems of some other kind. It seeded the base, on which this app was built later.

Stfalcon’s Task

The app users are divided into two categories — executants (those who carry the tasks out) and posters (those who order services). Posters create tasks with the description of what should be done and publish them on the platform. The executants send requests and the poster chooses who will perform the task and pays for it. After the Poster and the executant confirm the task fulfillment, the executant gets his payment. Administrative function is also presupposed for system management and control.

The platform consists of:

  • A mobile app for posters (for both iOS and Android)
  • A mobile app for executant (also for iOS and Android)
  • Admin Panel (Web)

— We used the approach when 2 different applications have business logic written in a single module. It allowed to simplify the development process as well as further support of the product.

Anton Bevza, Android Developer


The client came to Stfalcon with a ready-made solution, but the users were constantly complaining about the problems and failures of applications and the admin panel as well. After the detailed project audit, cost and risks estimation, we decided to recreate the project from scratch, using the most advanced modern technologies.

The backend was realized on ASP.NET platform and Microsoft SQL Server was used for DBMS. Due to the high requirements to the resources, the overall system productivity was low. Besides, Microsoft Products’ operating costs were high. We made up our mind to develop the new system on the Symphony framework, and to use PostgreSQL for DMBS. Additionally, we wrote several utilities for data transfer from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

The old applications were realized with the help of Cordova and React technologies. Since the main requirements to the new versions were high-speed operation and stability, our experts decided to develop native iOS and Android apps.


Backend realizes REST API for data exchange with the client mobile apps, it is integrated with several external services for carrying a number of operations out — payments for orders, sending emails, SMS and PUSH notifications. The operation in the Kubernetes environment increases the reliability and resilience of the product backend and the system as a whole.

Android applications follow the principles of Clean Architecture. The project is divided into 4 independent modules: poster, executant, domain, data. Domain and Data are the modules common for both apps — the executants’ and the posters’. Such an approach allowed us to avoid business logic duplication in both solutions, and to save time in the process of development.

IOS version architecture looks much like the Android one, consisting of 4 modules: Executant Presentation, Poster Presentation, Domain, and Data. For data binding, we used RxSwift, since MVVM architecture was applied for Presentation Layer. Besides, Swinject, a Dependency Injection library was used for new modules initiating. It simplifies their creation and re-usage.

The possibility to analyze user behavior is extremely important for the systems of such kind. We integrated analytic services AppsFlyer and Segment for the purpose.
Besides, we integrated the Intercom service into the app. It allows the users to provide feedback and to turn for immediate technical support right in the application.

Client testimonials

Robin Szekely
Founder of TaskRunner - online platform for ordering services
Martin Dam
CEO at TaskRunner – online platform for ordering services
We’ve rebuilt the project from scratch. I’m very happy about the collaboration. Work is really well: reasonable prices, good communication, and good quality of the deliveries.
Robin Szekely
Founder at the online platform for ordering services “TaskRunner”


All the system components were redesigned from scratch, the operational stability of the product was improved as well as its speed and convenience of the app and Admin Panel usage. What is important — all the users were preserved in the process of app redesign.


  • Oleksandr Arbuzov
    Oleksandr Arbuzov

    Project Manager

  • Tetiana


  • Pavlo Popov
    Pavlo Popov

    Backend Developer

  • Anton

    Tech Lead Mobile

  • Andrii

    Android Developer

  • Oleksandr

    IOS Developer

  • Oleksandra Bitiuk
    Oleksandra Bitiuk

    QA Engineer

  • Yevhen


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