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TicketsBox – a CRM system for selling tickets



The task of our team was to create a CRM system, which could enter the market as a unified platform for selling tickets for various kinds of events.

The product had to provide solutions to the following tasks:

  • Event creation and management;
  • Tickets management;
  • Sales management;
  • Various kinds of reports preparation;
  • Providing API for external systems integration;
  • Payment services integration.

Conditionally the system can be divided into 3 parts:

  • CRM;
  • API, which provides the connection between the CRM, the site, the widget, the mobile application, and other systems;
  • widget for ticket purchase, which was developed by our clients’ contractor in parallel with Stfalcon.

So, our team dealt with the CRM and API development.

The CRM system allows the organizers of the events register in it, create a personal account there, create accounts for the employees, choose the grounds/venues with up-to-date floor charts and create events of various kinds.

Who the new CRM system is for?

  • For event organizers;
  • Concert venues;
  • Cinemas and theatres.

Main features:


The system allows creating a venue, which can later be supplemented with the hall floor charts, drawn by TicketBox. 3D photos with the stage view can be later attached to each place of the chart for the convenience of the end-user.


The system allows creating and editing the event and seats for sale on the hall chart, assigning prices, crafting invitations, generating promo codes and providing tickets for sale for the organizer as well as taking tickets and entering them into the system for the retailer.

The feature of price setting was realized in two ways:

  • working with the table data type;
  • visual price setting.

The visual setting of the price was implemented with the help of integration a widget and a parser, which were developed by our client’s contractor, into the CRM system. They were customized in accordance with the CRM requirements. Thus the end user can work with a concert hall and see the whole chart, where all the rows and places are displayed.

Entry Control Procedures

The feature of entry control allows creation of the entry points, where the sold tickets are scanned, company controllers appointed and operation time of the checkpoints set. According to the client’s request, this functionality can be manual or automatically generated during the event creation. It makes the user’s work easier and saves his time for content creation if he has to deal with the tours with multiple events.

For tickets scanning through the mobile app, developed by another contractor, we implemented API, which allowed QR and bar-codes scanning not only through the standard scanners at the entry points but also through the specialized app.

When creating a checkpoint there is a possibility to provide the system not only with the data concerning selling your own sold tickets, but also download the bar-codes of other retailers. You should just download the file with the necessary barcodes for the purpose.

Reporting system

For every user to be able seeing the statistics of sales and sold-to parties, we developed the tables of Customers and Tickets Sales.

The tables are the default columns and filters that facilitate the information search and reporting based on certain parameters. If the user lacks certain information in a table, he can use the columns and filters settings, to add the missing parameters for the report completeness.

Each table provides the opportunity to download the generated data in the form of a CSV report. The system also provides Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration functions.

In such a way, the event organizer has the opportunity not only to set up an event but to completely go through all the stages of its organization from the event creation to entry supervision and sales reports generating.

The project was interesting, due to the fact that different contractors were involved in the processes of the Startup and Product creation on the part of the client. It required proper teams work coordination and planning.

In cooperation with other contractors, we delivered:

  • the possibility of the system integration with the aggregator sites through the API;
  • API for mobile barcode scanning application;
  • API for the site, where the end user sees all system events and can buy a ticket passing from the event to the widget.


  • Anastasiia

    Project Manager

  • Svetlana Bolgar
    Svetlana Bolgar

    Project Manager

  • Ruslan

    Frontend Developer

  • Oleksandr Trokhymenko
    Oleksandr Trokhymenko

    Frontend Developer

  • Oleksii Klymenko
    Oleksii Klymenko

    Frontend Developer

  • Andriy

    Frontend Developer

  • Sergey Zheleznyak
    Sergey Zheleznyak

    Backend Team Lead

  • Yevhenii Vaskevych
    Yevhenii Vaskevych

    Backend Developer

  • Mykhailo Vilshansky
    Mykhailo Vilshansky

    Backend Developer

  • Andrii Tkach
    Andrii Tkach

    QA Team Lead

  • Viktor Shpak
    Viktor Shpak

    QA engineer

  • Yevhen

    DevOps Team Lead

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