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STRONGMom is a fitness app for before, after, and during pregnancy



Clients contacted us with the finished product, but they were not satisfied with the admin panel, and the users of the application complained about the confusing logic and malfunctions of the platform. After a thorough project audit and cost assessment, it was decided to develop the project from scratch, using a new design and modern technologies.


The target audience of the platform is women who are planning to get pregnant, are carrying a child, and want to improve their physical shape after pregnancy. The main goal of the STRONGMom project is to provide users with all the tools to maintain health and good physical condition with the help of video lessons from professional trainers, medical professionals, and other specialists.

Considering these circumstances, the team decided to register in such a way that users must indicate their status (before, during, or after pregnancy). This is important for selecting suitable exercises and programs for the system. If the woman is already pregnant, the platform asks to fill in the pregnancy period and weight.

The business idea was separated into the main functionality:

- Activities. Users can view the exercises and programs offered by the system. The exercises consist of a video lesson and text recommendations. By default, the activity is selected according to the status of the woman. It is possible to add exercises and programs to the favorite section for quick access to them.

- Calendar. Users can create a convenient training system for performing programs and individual exercises for each day and mark their completion in the calendar.

- Timeline. A convenient tool has been developed to record your progress. Users can add their photos and parameters, and the system calculates changes in their weight and size relative to the previous timeline.

In addition to information about users, the profile contains training guides, a guide for using the application, and useful resources from partners.


The main business logic is embodied in the backend part, which implements the REST API for data exchange with mobile client applications. The admin panel for adding exercises, creating programs, and controlling the system is made with Symfony using EasyAdminBundle, which allows convenient customization according to the project's needs.

To make it impossible for customers' unique author's video lessons to be freely accessible, we chose the Vimeo service as a video hosting service. For systems of this type, it is important to analyze user actions, for this, we implemented the collection of analytics using Firebase.

The development of the mobile application was carried out based on a modular architecture, by the principles of clean architecture. We also used the MVVM architecture for the presentation modules. For easy initialization of new modules, we used the Swinject Dependency Injection library. All business logic is separated in the domain module. For convenient creation of UI elements, the Stevia library was used, this ensured the quick implementation of the designer's idea in the application.

"Stfalcon delivered a fresh design that the client hoped for. They were patient with their work and delivered suggestions with research that helped them make an optimized app. The team's communication process was also outstanding"
Tilda Loftin
Tilda Loftin
Cofounder & Head Coach


The Stfalcon team managed to develop a user-friendly platform in which it is easy to find the most suitable exercises, build a training program and monitor your results, and the client received a system that is well monetized due to a flexible subscription system.


  • Dmytro

    iOS Developer

  • Yevhenii

    iOS Developer

  • Vitalii

    Backend Developer

  • Hennadii

    Backend Developer

  • Vadym


  • Viktoriya

    Project Manager

  • Anton

    Client Manager

  • Iryna


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